Dog: Chelsea – Rocklin, CA

Dog: Chelsea – Rocklin, California (01/02/1993 to 01/20/2009)

The end of a wonderful life ceased on January 20, 2009. Our beloved dog Chelsea was laid to rest after a series of severe seizures.  It was the most difficult decision our family has ever made.  We were by her side at the doctor’s office as she was put to sleep.  She died peacefully.

Chelsea was an Australian Cattle Dog and had just turned 16 years old on January 2.  She lived a long and happy life. Our family loved her more than anything and we took such good care of her.

As a puppy, we knew Chelsea was special. She was very smart and had a wonderful personality. As most puppies, she went through the challenging years. Chelsea loved to bite off blooming flowers in the yard and nibble off the water drip irrigation heads that watered our plants.

At age 3 months, she was nominated and awarded “Puppy of the Month” at our local Vet. Everywhere we took her, people loved her and said how sweet she was. Here’s the cute photo of that proud day.

Chelsea - Puppy of the Month

We took her to puppy obedience training and she showed signs of being very independent and not wanting to play much with other dogs. But when it came time for her “final exam” she aced it with flying colors.  She did all her commands like a seasoned pro.  We were oh so proud of her.

Our joke was she was like a cat with nine lives, and she used them all plus more.  Whether getting loose and wandering the neighborhood or battling pancreatitis and the terrible seizures …. Chelsea was a fighter to the very end.

As Chelsea grew older, her strong willed independence waned, and she loved to always be nearby one of us. Whether it was dad in the office working, mom in the kitchen, or everyone watching TV, Chelsea was always around.

Like most dogs, she loved to go for long walks.  You just had to say the word “WALK” and she jumped up with a big smile on her face and her tail wagging.  It was as though she had never been on a walk before.

One of Chelsea’s dislikes was getting her fur wet when it rained.  We bought her this cute raincoat with a hood.  When she went outside to do “her business” we would put this on her so she would stay warm and dry.  This picture was taken only a few weeks ago.  Sadly, this is the last picture we have of Chelsea.

Chelsea - raincoat

We have so many fond memories of Chelsea that we could write a book. She was a perfect match for our family, and we will always remember the special dog she was and the endless amount of joy she brought to us.

Chelsea, we love you so much! You gave us 16 wonderful years of happiness and will be loved forever.

We miss you so much.

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