Cat: Ginger Rose - Malta

Cat: Ginger Rose – Malta

May 28, 2021 Pet Lover 1

Cat: Ginger Rose – Malta (July 2013 – 26th May 2021) Ginger Rose was picked up from the streets in March 2014 when she was heavily pregnant. On 9th April she had 5 beautiful kittens and she remained being fostered until they were all homed. Ginger joined the family in [more ….]

Dog: Ginger (Doberman), Tampa, FL

June 28, 2011 Pet Lover 0

Dog: Ginger (Doberman), Tampa, FL We got Ginger almost 16 years ago as a puppy, the prettiest red doberman, and full of life. Hence the name Ginger. She Loved playing and running and her all time favorite was chasing squirrels and lizards There were a few times she even caught [more ….]