Dog: Ginger (Aussie-Chow-Setter) Candler, NC

Pet Dog: Ginger (Aussie-Chow-Setter) Candler, NC
Dog: Ginger (Aussie-Chow-Setter) Candler, NC (Sept 2003 – Oct 18, 2012)

Ginger was my Christmas Puppy. I remember the day I fell in love with her. She was lying on the floor in the sun and as I looked at her, I could see the fur on one side of her nose was a slightly different color than the other.

But it was golden. Something about Ginger just drove into my heart. She was my constant companion. My Beautiful Jinketts.

I called her Minkins sometimes. She new these words …  Pee, Dinnertime and Biscuits. Between she and I, no other words  were necessary.

I am just wrecked over losing her to Diabetes. We fought she and I. Her brave little heart did not want to leave me. She did the best she could to stay.

I will miss her every day of my life. If there is a heaven and she’s not there, I will go wherever she is when I leave this planet.


Graduation Day
(Someday in Heaven)

I’ve heard some say
That leaving Earth
Is graduation day
That it’s not
The end
Well I hope so.
Because I can’t see
Why we live and love
Then it all gets lost
In eternity.
I do not believe
That love
Is ever lost.
Or that we
Disappear into
There must be a reason
This Life is temporary.
We just don’t know it yet.
All I know about love
Is That,
One you love
You can never forget.
Someday in heaven
Everyone will love
All this trouble
Will be over and done
We’ll swim together
And play in the sun

On that far shore
We will know
What this livin’
And Dyin’ was for
All this pain won’t matter
Each and every person
Will be a friend
We’ll all be
Just like Children again.

I’ll be seein ya…


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