Dog: Ginger (Doberman), Tampa, FL

Dog: Ginger (Doberman), Tampa, FL
Dog: Ginger (Doberman), Tampa, FL

We got Ginger almost 16 years ago as a puppy, the prettiest red doberman, and full of life. Hence the name Ginger.

She Loved playing and running and her all time favorite was chasing squirrels and lizards There were a few times she even caught a couple snakes.

She was a very special girl. Two years ago, she had to have a mastectomy. Much to my surprise, dogs can get breast cancer as well as humans. The doctor said they don’t do chemo, but just let her have quality of life, and she would maybe only have six months.

Well Ginger insisted she was going to stay with us as long as she could, doing the things she liked to do. She had her 6 months and another 9 months added. The last couple of weeks, she was growing weaker everyday.

On June 20th, we had made that tough decision to have her put to sleep. I do believe she was ready to go.

She was very calm through the good but it was her time to re join her best friend Shilo. She will live on in our Hearts Forever.

When you have a member of the family for almost 16 years, and that is so special. You can never replace that special bond.

We Love you Ginger.

Always Mom and Dad
Sparkey, Missy and Kia too

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