Dog: Spain – Louisville, KY

August 19, 2010 Pet Lover 0

Dog: Spain – Louisville, KY (Died 08/17/2010) My dog Spain brought so much joy and comfort in my life. The pain in my heart from losing my beloved dog Spain, is too much to bare. I will always love and miss him forever.

Dog: Tammy – Devon, England

December 19, 2009 Pet Lover 0

Dog: Tammy (Border Collie) – Devon England (1993 – 12/2009) For the past 16 years, Tammy you brought happiness to our lives. Tammy was always trying to please, giving your love so freely. Now you are gone but we will never forget you. Tammy, sleep well my “Bubsy”. Love Mum [more ….]

Dog: Chaya Renee’ – Sacramento, CA

September 24, 2009 Pet Lover 0

Dog: Chaya Renee’ (Alaskan Malamute) – Sacramento, CA (Died 7/28/09) An insight to a very tough decision I had to make recently for a loved one, and if anyone’s been through it, then they understand where I was coming from. It was the response from those who didn’t or hadn’t [more ….]

Dog: Mogul Allen – Sacramento, CA

September 24, 2009 Pet Lover 0

Dog: Mogul Allen (Red Wolf/ Shepherd Mix) – Sacramento, CA (01/26/1995 – 02/27/2006) This memorial is for my dog who passed in 2006, but his spirit lives on within my home. Since his best friend and lover Chaya, just crossed the bridge to be with him, I wanted him to [more ….]

Dog: Kandy – Bradenton, FL

September 19, 2009 Pet Lover 0

Dog: Kandy (Beagle) Bradenton, Fl (05/16/1996 – 09/03/2009) To our beloved Beagle, Kandy. I am writing this before I have to. I hope you will still be home when I get there so that I can read it to you. Kandy, I remember the day that your mommy and I [more ….]

Dog: Tuffey – Bangalore, India

September 15, 2009 Pet Lover 0

Dog: Tuffey – Bangalore – India (09/13/2005 – 09/13/2009) Our pet Tuffey is a Stray Mongrel – Labrador mix. He was put to sleep on a beautiful Sunday morning and was left to a better place on the 13th, Sept 2009 after a long battle with lymphatic malignant cancer for [more ….]

Dog: Mimi – Dallas, GA

July 16, 2009 Pet Lover 0

Dog: Mimi – Dallas, GA (10/17/1999 – 07/15/2009) Mimi, a  Toy Chihuahua, was a spunky old gal who lived life to the fullest. She loved going Bye-Bye and she loved cold slushies on a hot GA Summer day. She was truly loved. Mimi came into our lives so quickly and [more ….]

Dog: Brandi – Briarwood, NY

July 15, 2009 Pet Lover 0

Dog: Brandi – Briarwood, NY (04/27/1997 – 06/12/2009) Brandi was a Labrador & Grey Hound mix. She was adopted from the North Shore Animal League in Port Washington Long Island New York. At that time my boyfriend and I decided to get a puppy to keep me company as he [more ….]