Dog: Mogul Allen – Sacramento, CA

Dog Mogul Red Wolf / Shepard mix
Dog: Mogul Allen (Red Wolf/ Shepherd Mix) – Sacramento, CA
(01/26/1995 – 02/27/2006)

This memorial is for my dog who passed in 2006, but his spirit lives on within my home. Since his best friend and lover Chaya, just crossed the bridge to be with him, I wanted him to have his own page also.

The following is the notice sent to family & friends to let them know that he took the long walk that day.



I am sending this notice to anyone who is, or has been a part of my life within the last 12 years. Most likely if you are one of those people, you crossed paths with my dog Mogul, who was one of the smartest dog’s around and he let you know it.

Today, after a little suffering, Jennifer and I assisted Mogul to the doggie steps of heaven, where he took the long walk to be reunited with his idol & mentor Kuda.

He will be missed by many I am sure.

Believe it or not, after the whole day consisted of nothing but rain here in Sacramento, the sun actually shined in through the vet window just seconds after Mogul went through the heavenly doors.

Call it good timing, a coincidence, or both….It made things seem alright. He was in peace, and that was his way of telling us so.

Dog Mogul - Sacramento CA

Over time, I am sure I will look back on him and his ways, and smile deeply within.

Until then, it will be a struggle …..

Still miss this dog BIGTIME, but he lives on in my others…

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