Dog: Tuffey – Bangalore, India

Dog Tuffey - Bangalore India
Dog: Tuffey – Bangalore – India (09/13/2005 – 09/13/2009)

Our pet Tuffey is a Stray Mongrel – Labrador mix. He was put to sleep on a beautiful Sunday morning and was left to a better place on the 13th, Sept 2009 after a long battle with lymphatic malignant cancer for a few months.

He was the center of all attention and gave love to all of us. Tuffey was the most loving dog. Everyone loved him. He heard all our conversations, gave us some good peace of mind, specially to all at home.

Even as I type this, I have tears rolling down and a sore throat.

I have always loved my dog and cannot forget him. I believe they have a soul and hope he remembers us andn plays with us when we all meet him one fine day.

Dog Tuffey - Bangalore India

Forgive us Tuffey, Forgive lord.

I’m sure you’re smiling now, waiting for us to take you for a walk again. We’ll play and have fun forever.

Rest in peace my loving pet.

Love always,

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