Dog: Champ (Border Collie) – McColl SC

November 12, 2015 Pet Lover 1

Dog: Champ (Border Collie) – McColl SC (Apr 08, 2014 – Nov 10, 2015) Champ was definitely a mama’s boy. So many times he would sit in my lap and listen to me talk to him. He was the type that chased anything that moved. He loved riding and would [more ….]

Dog: Molly (Border Collie) – Victoria, Canada

April 12, 2011 Pet Lover 0

Molly was the most amazing dog I have ever met. She has been with me since kindergarten and we have grown up together. I have so many wonderful and happy memories of the times we shared together. Molly’s favourite things included swimming and playing fetch. Molly became sick in 2008. [more ….]