Dog: Scout (Australian Shepherd Border Collie Mix) – Woodbridge, VA

Dog: Scout - Australian Shepherd Border Collie Mix
Dog: Scout (Australian Shepherd Border Collie Mix) Woodbridge, VA
(Apr 16, 2001 – Jul 26, 2012)

Scout was rescued from a kill shelter back in October of 2001. Scout was the best dog ever. My family adopted Scout when I was in 2nd grade and now I’m going to be a college freshmen.

Scout was the protector of our house and when anyone came over to our house or someone walked up our front porch steps Scout would run to the hallway by the door and just stare at it to see who it would be.

Dog: Scout - Australian Shepherd Border Collie Mix

Scout passed away while my family was on a vacation and we received the phone call from the dog sitter at 7:59 PM on July 26th telling us the sad news.

Scout died peacefully in her sleep after going on a short walk. Scout left behind a very warm loving family.

She will be greatly missed and will always be loved and will NEVER be forgotten.
RIP Scout 7-26-12 – I will see you on the Rainbow Bridge

Dog: Scout - Australian Shepherd Border Collie Mix

I woke early this morning, lifted the shade
to a sky overcast and gray.

No ray of sun to brighten my heart,
and I thought of you today.

The breezes of summer are no more
and have moved along on their way.

The crisp air of autumn has settled in,
and I thought of you today.

The crunch of the leaves under my feet,
I remembered how you loved to play,

chasing the leaves across the yard,
and I thought of you today.

As the daylight faded into dusk
and the shadows came to play,

I lit a candle and watched the flame dance,
and I thought of you today.

I crawled into bed, turned out the lamp
and glanced where you used to lay.

The tears came again, as they always do,
as I thought of you today.


  1. Scout looks exactly like our Millie (collie cross) who had to leave us on 5th July 2013. You can read about her on the site and we know exactly how you feel and we still light a candle every Friday night at 10.50p.m the time she left us.

  2. I have a mix who looks exactly similar to you’re dog and I too am shocked by the resemblance it is striking. My dog is now 15 years old, going on 16 and was just diagnosed with Liver and Kidney disease in the early onset of the illness but is rapidly declining, our prayers are with him now and I as I read your tribute it brings me comfort during this difficult time. Thank you so much for sharing this with everyone.

  3. Sorry for your loss. Hopefully this will brighten your day. My dog is named Cash and I found him wandering by himself with around 200 ticks on him. He came up to me with a playful attitude and a loving smile on his face. I immediately took him home and have loved him now for 13 years. He is my best friend and will also be heartbroken when that day comes for him.
    It is shocking how much Scout and Cash look alike. I will send you a few pictures of him if you send me an email to send them too as I don’t think I can attach them on here.

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