Dog: Molly (Border Collie) – Victoria, Canada

Dog Molly - Border Collie

Molly was the most amazing dog I have ever met. She has been with me since kindergarten and we have grown up together.

I have so many wonderful and happy memories of the times we shared together. Molly’s favourite things included swimming and playing fetch.

Molly became sick in 2008. Her blood disorder made her too lethargic to do any of her favourite things, but she was a fighter.

She lived for three years after that which demonstrates what a strong and courageous dog she was.

Six months before she died we moved to the country. Molly was able to enjoy a short time in her paradise where she could swim and run as much as she wanted.

I will miss Molly with all my heart.

She was always loyal to me, she could make me laugh and most of all she was my best friend.

I love her so much and will never forget her.

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