Cat: Izzy Boo Moggy – Birmingham, England

Cat: Izzy Boo Moggy

Cat: Izzy Boo Moggy – Birmingham, England (Jul 1, 2005 – Dec 22, 2020)

On a lovely summers day I was presented with a tiny bundle of fur who had been abandoned in a house by the owner who had left. It was a no brainer we had to take her in. Izzy as she came to be known became the centre of our household and world.

She wasn’t fearless, confident or brave. She was a real scaredy cat that would run at the sight of a crisp bag blowing in the wind. We spent years tip toeing round her so not to startle her and loved her for it. She was a perfect house guest, after months of tin foil on anything that she wished to scratch she finally found her own personal scratch posts around the house.

She used to fight to be on the bed I used to scold her Martin used to cover for her so she knew when I was not around she would take advantage of Martin’s kindness lol.

For fifteen years Izzy ruled the household getting us up when she wanted to go out, wearing us down by stares and meows when she wanted her food and dictating which rooms I began the housework in so not to unsettle her. 

She was a real fussy food eater and would not touch anything that was not known to her. We took to spelling out the words ham, cheese,  chicken and chewys so not to summon her attention she absolutely loved all of these.

She hated rain, snow, wind and fireworks. Each year I would stand outside with her with fireworks coaxing her to to her toilet duties before we went to bed, but it was all for the love of Izzy.

We could prank her to thinking another cat was catching our attention outside so as to get her downstairs to go out, she would come flying down like a bullet if she thought the next door neighbor’s cat may be worming their way into our affection.

We were hers and no one else’s! She always loved and remembered my son James. When he came home to visit, she spent the first 6 weeks of her life on his lap! 

Izzy is irreplaceable she was daft, stubborn, lazy as hell and a beautiful soul.

God bless you Izzy. Me, Martin and James will never forget you and our lives were enriched for having you. Go play with all your friends – Lonely, Henry, Mollie, Savage and Billie. Lonely will always protect you. If you get nervous, just do as you used to, go and sit behind him.

Till we meet again little one. Izzy Boo, I love you to the moon and back.

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