Dog: Eve (Texas)


Eve Chalmers Skornia-Searcy was born in St. Louis, Missouri in 2008. She was in the stray dog system for a few months before landing at the ASPCA in Clayton, where my Dad, Mark Skornia, selected her as a Christmas gift for me. She remained at the ASPCA for five long days while awaiting surgery, then came home groggy and smelly.

We soon drove to Lawrence, Kansas in a snow storm, shoved into the front seat of my tiny Mazda, both wondering if we knew what we were doing. Eve spent the next few months living in Lawrence, enjoying all the benefits of being a dog in undergrad and the greatest dog park in the world,  before we left for Knoxville, Tennessee to attend grad school. 

In Knoxville, Eve met lifelong friends and really blossomed. She attended parties, spent late nights in the studio, and ran with a deep pack of dog friends. We spent summers, and a few ill-fated winters, exploring all the Appalachian Mountains had to offer.

One night Eve had plans to meet some friends at the local arcade, and I brought Dillon along for what would end up being our first date. He thought we were nuts, but lovable. To Lucy, Millie, Bodie, and yes even Sadie, thanks for making that time so memorable.

We spent the next few years bouncing between Lawrence and Knoxville, completing graduate school, living in the famous Stratford Cafe, and generally getting scolded for being in places “dog aren’t allowed”, before landing briefly in Nashville, then moving to Eve’s true home, the great State of Texas. Eve wasn’t born in Texas, but she got here as fast as she could. 

In Texas, Eve really excelled at being a dog. The cold, clear waters of the Edwards aquifer combined with the dog-friendly attitudes and wide open spaces suited her.

Eve lived in Austin, but spent time in west Texas, the gulf coast, and at the headwaters of the Frio River. She joined her parents in hunting for swim spots and avoiding the law. During this time, she picked up a scrappy little cat brother, Harvey, who joined her in the pursuit of snacks.

Eve passed away peacefully, surrounded by family, more or less due to old age. Given the late nights and early mornings spent in livestock vets on our many adventures, I think we are all thrilled to have made it this far.

Between skunks, javelinas, crabs, nutrias, and squirrels, Eve was a small game connoisseur. Eve’s last trip was to the trans pecos in July, where she got all the smells and enjoyed her favorite, Convenience West BBQ.

She was our best friend, confidant, and a really good girl. Our hearts are broken. Eve, Reve, Steven, Teve, Eveamus, we love you, you are irreplaceable. Rest easy sweet princess. 

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