Dog: Jackson (Basset/Boxer) – Scurry, TX

Dog: Jackson (Basset / Boxer)

Dog: Jackson (Basset/Boxer) – Scurry, TX (2009 to Aug 11, 2020)

When a dog as special as Jackson dies, he deserves an obituary. Jackson was born in 2009 in Ft. Worth, Texas to a basset mother and boxer father.  

He took after his father in coloring and had his mother’s short legs, barrel chest, velvet mid length ears and when he learned to bark, her howl. I would forget how short he was until another dog would come to the fence.

It was like when the Prince gets off his horse in Shrek.  What a surprise!  But his temperament was sweetness, patience and love, the best of both breeds.  He never got mad, ever!

Jackson lived with my daughter, Meghan, in N. Richland Hills until 2011.  They briefly moved back home with me in the Bishop Arts District of Oak Cliff, and when Meghan left, Jackson stayed.  We adored each other.
As a puppy, Jackson was afraid of everything!  Some of his fears were balloons, motorcycles and firecrackers.  That last one, and electrical storms, lasted a lifetime.
I didn’t have much of a yard in Oak Cliff so we walked twice a day.  Those walks took forever because hounds smell  everything.  We met all our neighbors and loved those walks.  However, loose dogs, especially pit bulls on steroids – no exaggeration – were a problem.  

Even when he was injured by the other dog, Jackson never got aggressive. After being attacked several times, Jackson developed a strategy.  He would get behind me.  Let mom fight the battle, she gets loud and carries a special spray.  

We moved to Scurry in 2015 where we had a large, fenced yard for Jackson to patrol in safety twice a day. He loved to sit in the sun and greet the neighbor kids, mail woman and other dogs at the fence.  Everyone was his friend.  He was not a licker but if you visited, he liked to smell the back of your knees if he could.
He monitored my health.  If Jackson slept with his back against mine, I was sick or my blood sugars were high.  Otherwise, he slept at the foot of the bed.  

The only things Jackson would not do were come when called or bring back a ball.  He would just look at you.  Why would you call him without a treat in hand?  When you threw a ball, he would run after the ball and then stand over it  and look at you to show you found it!

There were 3 special female dogs in Jackson’s life: China, a beautiful husky in Oak Cliff who would run away to visit us, Lily, a bloodhound in Scurry who would get shy at the fence and Koda, Meghan and Michael’s gentle sweet pit bull. Jackson left his toys to Koda.
Jackson also leaves behind his family: his best friend and companion Sandy, his first mom Meghan (Michael) and dear friends Koda and Minnie Mouser his calico cat.  I say “his” cat because Minnie loved Jackson and I am the servant.  

When Jackson was sleeping alot in his last few days, Minnie came into the bedroom, sniffed Jackson and promptly but me in the arm.   He was the only creature, human or animal, that she loves.  Please pray that she can connect with someone else.  

Jackson went quietly with Sandy at his side. He was the only creature, human or animal, that she loves. He is buried in the yard he loved to patrol, in Scurry.

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