Cat: Mae (Short Hair) – Charleston, SC

Cat: Mae (Domestic Short Hair)

Cat: Mae (Short Hair) – Charleston, SC (May 15, 2018 – Jun 26, 2020)

Mae came into my life as a little handful of a kitten I found abandoned by the woods. She was probably a month old, starving and sick.  

I brought her home and she quickly recovered and grew up to have quite a strong, independent personality.

She loved sleeping on top of whatever I was trying to work on, harassing birds and squirrels, having her head rubbed.

She was a bit of a hussy – had kittens when she was not even a year old. She was a terrible mother, but finally figured it out.  

She made me hopeful – we can make mistakes, but still come through and be better for it Going to miss her very much.

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