Bearded Dragon: Toothless (Milwaukee, WI)

Toothless - Breed: Bearded Dragon reptile

Bearded Dragon: Toothless (Milwaukee, WI) – Died May 27, 2020

After losing my daughter, I bought Toothless from a hobbyist friend of mine. He quickly became my best friend and I even made sure he was allowed to be in the coffee shop, where I married my new wife at.

He was my best man that day and every other day too. I will cherish the years of him resting on my shoulder all day long, while we had fun on the internet and built model spaceships.

He was a brave soldier throughout, not wanting things to end until he decided so. He passed away peacefully while in bed on our side of the house.


  1. I was sad to hear toothless died while making his lemiwinks journey. He was a brave lizard who, willingly or unwillingly, would go anywhere.

  2. I know even the smallest of pets (like my lil bunny ‘Adey’) can bring endless joy & companionship when treated properly, & it’s devastating when they leave you.
    Sorry for your loss of your little sweetie.

  3. It’s so sad, I know you were kindred spirits & very much alike in every way.
    Thoughts & Prayers lil’ fella.

  4. I always loved looking at pictures of toothless. I just wish I could have met him in person. Rest in peace, cutie!

  5. I’m so happy your memorial page got published. Toothless was an actual tough guy who’ll be remembered for being a sweetie.

    Rest in Power, Toothless.

    -Jon and Adrienne

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