Cat: Mimi & Dog: Scout

Cat - Mimi - Mackerel Tabby

I’d like to share photos of two of my best friends that passed away last year.

The first photo is of Mimi, my first cat.  She found me at my church!  Every time I went to church she would come to see me and ask for food. To make a long story short, I brought her home in 2010. 

She was a very pretty mackerel tabby with loads of personality.  I would whistle “Blue Moon” and she would come to slap me!!

One day when I was going to work in the morning Mimi wouldn’t stop meowing.  It was an insistent meowing while she paced back and forth. 

I wondered what was going to happen as I know animals know when something bad is going to happen.  That same morning I ended up in the hospital for a week.  I know Mimi knew something was going to happen to me.

In June 2019, she was diagnosed with liver cancer.  I made the decision to let her go home in peace.  

Scout - Rat Terrier pet dog

The next photo is of Scout, my adopted Rat Terrier who lived almost 16 years.  What is there to say when you lose somebody who was your shadow and constant companion for so long? 

He was a faithful, true friend and family member.  He passed away in October 2019 from liver failure – a very ugly death for one so beautiful.  Once again, I made the decision to let him go home in peace.

I still cry for them every day.  Thank you for letting me share with you.

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