Turtle: Spotty-P (Red Ear Slider Turtle) – Vancouver BC, Canada

Pet turtle: Spotty-P - Red Ear Slider Turtle

Turtle: Spotty-P (Nov 15, 1988 – Mar 30, 2020)

Spotty-P, our family’s little reptile buddy passed away in his sleep after long battle with illness.

Even with the difficult stages of this battle, it had little effect on his big appetite as he was still chomping away on his favorite food several hours before his passing.

I would consider him a thoughtful, gentle, content and curious creature who enjoyed everything from his frequent meals, to watching YouTube 4k videos via smartphone of sunny Vegas or Santa Monica beach, to gentle throat rubs or just chilling out in the summer months sitting on my palm watching time go by.

Slow and methodical, I think he kept our family grounded through the last 3 decades (or 6 US presidents) – though sorely missed, we have more than a few photos and videos to remember him by and will cherish him moving forward. 

We  will continue to carry his thoughtful caring nature in our ever day lives to all around us as he has done for the past 31 years.

Take care little buddy and rest easy – congrats on a job well done! RIP

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