Guinea Pig: Harper

Guinea Pig - Harper

Harper Lucy Williams unexpectedly transitioned into her eternal life on the morning of March 24,2020. She left behind her beloved sister, Hailey Luna Williams (who she calls “sissy”) and her mom, Charlai La’Rose Williams.

She was named after Hill Harper, a television actor and Harper Lee, the author of “To Kill a Mockingbird”.

Harper was a small guinea pig with a big personality. She loved to eat, watch Looney Tunes, and play with her sissy. Her favorite food was “everything”. She loved spinach, apples, carrots, “num-nums” (her guinea pig pellets), and hay.

Guinea Pig - Harper

She loved taking her afternoon naps on top of her pig-gloo. It was a home shaped like an igloo that she and Hailey shared together. She also enjoyed chasing her sissy around her cage.

She was never shy and stood up for what she believed in. If Harper hears the refrigerator door open, She knew it was food time only for her.

When it was time for Harper to take a bath, she jumped right out of the bathtub into her mother’s arms for safety. She was a lap piggy. She loved to sit in her mommy’s lap for piggy massages on her back.

Her mommy called Hailey “love child” and Harper “wild child”. Hailey will crawl on your chest and talk to you while Harper will run around the cage and jump on top of the pig-loo.

Guinea Pig - Harper

She loved her sissy more than anything. They watched TV together, have playtime together, share lap time with their mommy and sissy. They loved to travel with mommy together. Most of all, they loved to eat together.

She loved to be the center of attention. She liked the pigloo to herself, she liked all of the food to herself, she also liked it when her mommie sing her favorite song, “You’re so Beautiful” and “Harpie is my teapot” (from I’m a little teapot).

Harper had and loved her many nicknames. As mentioned before, Hailey and Harper called each other sissy. Mommy called her “Harpie”, “Harpie Poopie”, “Harpie Harp Harp”, “Harpie Poo Pie”, “Haripe”, “Harp Harp”, “Wild Child”, etc.

Harper, mommy and sissy love and miss you so much! You have been so good to mommy. I know you’re in good hands because you are where God is. I love you!

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