Dog: Black “Jax” Lucky Dog (Labrador Retriever)

Black "Jax" Lucky Dog (Labrador Retriever)

Black “Jax” Lucky Dog (Labrador Retriever)
Kimball, MI (Nov 1, 2007 – Feb 6, 2020)

Jax really Love-Love-loved treats! The more flavors the better! He loved peanut butter biscuits, chicken nudges, nutro blueberry, mixed berry, and banana treats. He also loved dental treats. Good morning treats, and chewable strawberry and blueberry Probiotic Acidophilus and Bifidum. He loved ALL treats! Not so much mommas Kale though!

Jax especially loved popcorn, pizza and Mexican food, as well as any sweet treats! Licking our plate’s sparkling-dishwasher clean, after we were done eating. We would often tease that we didn’t need a dishwasher! Jax also especially loved the ends of sugar cones filled with raspberry sorbet. Jax did love his “curry” meals for the last year.

The last two weeks he was tired of curry. His breakfast and dinner was made on the stove with a little broth and organic meat with his dog food, and homemade turmeric paste, that momma made for him weekly.

Our Good Boy, Our Jax, You were more than our dog. You were our best friend, our loyal companion, our confidant, our most loving, gentle baby. Thank you for being the very best dog we have ever had. Thank you for your unconditional love. Jax, we miss you with all our Heart. Life will never be the same without you.

You could never be replaced. We will miss your snoring, snarfing, wiping of wet, muddy paws coming in from outside. We will miss you wanting your whole body to be towel dried-even when it was not wet or muddy out. We will miss you thumping your paws loudly down the hall and dragging your “man parts” on the carpet, trying to wake us up.

We will miss your begging for just one more treat, we will miss everything about you. I will especially miss you putting your head on my lap, looking at me with those beautiful eyes begging please let me on the couch with you!

We will miss you rubbing your wet and slobbery face on us, our clothes, and furniture. We will miss the clickety-clack of your nails on the tile floor, and furniture. While dreaming of running, chasing bunnies, cats and squirrels. We will miss refilling your water bowl endlessly…

Jax, you are no longer in pain. You fought so hard these last two weeks. We knew it was time to let you go. You refused the turmeric paste, your food, and even hand feeding. No more 7am and 7pm feedings, no more insulin injections two times a day. No more achy joints. You are free of pain.

You are young, happy, running, jumping and playing, while making dog snow angels, and eating as much snow as you can. We are so blessed to have had the honor of sharing this life with you these last 12 years. You are truly sadly missed by all, but none more that Momma, Daddy and Brett.

Jax you are exceptional, irreplaceable and unforgettable. We miss you and love you Jax, We will always treasure all the memories and will forever share the most special bond with you, as we are all connected by a bond that can’t be broke and that bond is Love. Our Hearts and Souls are One. No longer by our side, but forever in our hearts.

Our Jax, our puppy, our big galoot, our “ perro negro muy grande bow-wow”, our baby, our friend, our “snarffy” our silly, sometimes sassy, big, gentle giant, the best dog we have ever had. Our forever friend, our faithful, loving dog and family member. We will see you at the end of the Rainbow Jax. Farewell for now best friend.

We can only wish a dog as special as Jax, comes into all your lives. Please Love, Pet, and Cuddle your dog. Please give lots and lots of belly rubs and a few extra treats to your pet in remembrance of our beloved Jax.

We would like to thank Dr. Kim Kim Pidick, DVM, and Donna Precour, LVT of In the Pink Mobile Pet Care and Randy Young, and son of Young Pet Crematory for their kindness, compassion and care at this difficult time. Memorials in Jax’s honor may be made to your favorite animal rescue.

Individual private cremation has taken place at Young Pet Crematory, China twp. MI.

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