Dog: Rico Suave Subrick (Rat Terrier) – Canonsburg, PA

Pet dog: Rico Suave Subrick - Rat Terrier

Dog: Rico Suave Subrick (Rat Terrier) – Canonsburg, PA (Jul 22, 2006 – Jul 6, 2019)

Rico Suave Subrick {Rat Terrier} passed away at 1:15 pm Saturday July 6, 2019. He was born in Johnstown PA on July 22, 2006.

Rico resided his many fun filled years in Canonsburg, PA with his loving owner, Les Subrick.

Rico was a very energetic dog with lots of love to give and will be cherished forever!


  1. When Rico died, I lost it because he was genuine and he was for real! Rico was like a little man to me! Rico was like an angel where daddy knew where daddy loved Rico and how DADDY LOVED Rico! Daddy loves you Rico, stud muffin!

  2. When a pet dies, it can be as devastating as losing a human family member! I lost Rico and I was absolutely devastated!

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