Dog: Lohler (Yorkshire Terrier) – SLC, Utah

Pet dog - Lohler - Yorkshire Terrier

Dog: Lohler (Yorkshire Terrier) – SLC, Utah (Jul 18, 2017 – Jul 19, 2019)

Lohler Lee Lou was our beloved Yorkshire Terrier for 12 years. She always liked to jump around, eat, go to the park, eat, be loving, and eat again!

She was a little angel and always brought a smile. She learned tricks very quickly, but shaking your hand was her favorite and she repeated it every day. She only had about three teeth so her tongue would always hang out of her mouth in the cutest way.

She’d get so excited whenever someone said, “Want to go for a walk?” Or “Do you wanna treat?” During winter Lola absolutely loved leaping around in the snow. She’d sneak stuffed animals from everybody then leave them slobbery in the hall.

Her absolute favorite thing to do was play hide and seek! If you asked, “wanna play hide and seek?” she would go running to her waitpost and then when you said peep really loud she would take off looking for you while barking excidedly and then occasionally stop barking for you to say peep again so she could find you.

She was everyone’s princess and she’ll be greatly missed by the whole family. Her birthday was July 18 and she passed away on July 19.

Thank you to everyone who showed Lola love and thank you to Lola for being so unconditionally loving to everyone she met. We love you Lola and miss you so very much.


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