Cat: Charlie – American Short Hair Black/Grey Tabby (Dallas, TX)

Pet cat: Charlie - American Short Hair Black/Grey Tabby

Cat: Charlie (American Short Hair Black/Grey Tabby) – Dallas, TX (2000 to Jul 2, 2019)

Charlie was a spunky guy with a ton of attitude. Up until the end, he gladly made his opinion known in whatever way accessible to him. He didn’t warm up to strangers easily, but make no mistake.

HE LOVED TO LOVE AND BE LOVED, especially when it came to his favorite human companion, Brent. Charlie often stood on his hind legs and wrapped his front paws around Brent, just to show how much he loved him. Those two were inseparable.

His companionship and affection made his little corner of the world a better place. He will be missed in ways difficult to articulate, as life is certainly more drab without him here.

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