Dog: Kilo (Presa Canario) – San Antonio TX

Dog: Kilo - Presa Canario

Dog: Kilo (Presa Canario) – San Antonio TX – (Sep 13, 2009 – Sep 24, 2018)

Kilo lived a long happy life. He never went without and he appreciated everything we did for him. He gave his love to everyone in the family unselfishly. There never was a day he didn’t show his love for us.

Kilo just celebrated his birthday just the day before he passed. It was sudden and heartbreaking. We had to rush him to ER and had to make the hard decision. He wanted us to do what was best.

Even though I wanted to be selfish and keep him as long as we could we had to do this for him. Although the days are hard and nights harder , I will do my best to move on. He will never be forgotten or replaced.

The love he gave our family is beyond anything any human could give. Kilo was the best gift I have ever received in my existence and the love he gave me when he was alive is enough to last a lifetime. I am a better person for having known him.

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