Dog: Yogi (Golden Doodle) – Barrie, Ontario, Canada

Dog - Yogi - Golden Doodle

Dog: Yogi (Golden Doodle) – Barrie, Ontario, Canada (Jun 29, 2006 – Sep 19, 2018)

Yogi, you where such a good boy, always smiling. So loving and caring we miss your hugs, kisses and snuggles, and we miss you greatly. Yogi was always ready to do whatever I was doing, He never said no to walks, swimming, playing, or car rides. Even to the end, he still wanted to go or play.

Yogi was always interested in what I was doing. Like when I was organizing the closet, he would also have to look in the closet too. He loved his chew sticks and stuffed toys. He always knew when it was dinner time. I never had to call him.

A game we played together that he loved was fetch hide and seek, I would throw his stuffed squirrel upstairs which was his favorite toy. He would go get it while I would go and hide behind the living room curtain. Yogi would come find me. When he found me, he would bark with joy!

Yogi you where so sneaky. He knew that he was not allowed to eat Teddy’s food, so he would wait till my mom went into the washroom and he would walk over and eat it. He thought he could get away with it. But as soon as my mom turned the washroom door handle, he would sneak away. “It wasn’t me” my mom would say to that little bugger, “are you eating Teddy’s food?” He would then have a guilty look on his face.

Yogi always wanted to be with me. When I would sit down on the couch, he would come over and I would say “Boobie.” He would lick my arm or hand or my leg if I had shorts on.

At the Doctor’s office, I laid you down on the blanket because you couldn’t move your legs. I know you where looking at me and mom. Yes I was very upset because I love you. You gave everything you had left to try to get up and comfort me. You didn’t even care about yourself.

I put my hand on the front of your nose and I know you smelled my hand, so you knew I was there with you. I petted your head and told you everything would be fine. I want you to know that I’m fine and we love you. I know Grandma came and took you into the light. Before you left, you licked my leg to say good bye. Please listen to grandma and be a good boy. We will see you again one day.

We love you Yogi,
Michael, Lorraine, Teddy (Dog)

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