Dog: Joey (German Shorthair) – Antioch, CA

Dog - Joey (German shorthair)

Dog: Joey (German Shorthair) – Antioch, CA (Died Oct 7, 2018)

My husband and I rescued Joey when he was seven. He had been terribly abused and was skin and bones. I lost my husband 3 years ago and Joey and his brother Boomie saved me.

I gave Joey lots and lots of love and security, He was so grateful. I have had many loving pets and people in my life, but I have never been loved like Joey – human or pet.

Dog: Joey (German Shorthair)

I miss him so so much but I know he is with my husband now. He will still be getting love.

Dog: Joey (German Shorthair)


  1. Joey was the second dog I ever let get close to me. Mickie was my first. He was a great big gentle puppy who showered us with lots of love. I like to think that he and Leon are running together in the park chasing birds. My prayers are with you and Boomie. I love you both.

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