Cat: Toffee (British Shorthair) – Moscow, Russia

Pet Cat - Toffee (British Shorthair)

Cat: Toffee (British Shorthair) – Moscow, Russia (Jun 29, 2013 – Feb 01, 2018)

Toffee was the sweetest cat one could possibly hope for. She was kind, friendly, gentle and a little bit shy. She would never bite or scratch you. Always careful and nice, she was loved by everyone who knew her or heard of her.

Even during her last hours she was doing her best to gather all her strength to be with her owners and comfort them. A sudden illness destroyed her health in a very short period of time, which is why we had to let her go. We are going to miss our precious little cat. She deserved to live a long and happy life, but she left too soon.

I’ve heard that pets come back. In that case, we’ll be waiting for you, Toffee. No matter what, we love you.

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