Cat: Giggles (Goo) Frickey-West – Bend, OR

Cat - Giggles (Goo) Frickey-West

Giggles (Goo) Frickey-West – Bend, OR (Died Feb 2, 2018)

Giggles (Goo) Frickey-West, resident of Bend OR, passed away on Friday February 2nd at her home in mount Bachelor village at the age of 15. Goo was a scrappy character who grew up with a hard childhood in a trailer with a single parent.

Sadly after Goo’s Parent passed, Goo spent over a year waiting to get adopted. Until one day an amazing woman came in, saw Goo, and Saw passed the lack of teeth, obvious health issues, and hard demeanor. She saw Goobert’s soul. From that point on Goo had a home and flourished in her new environment, she was the happiest girl with the brightest personality.

Although Gooey couldn’t meow she could cackle all night long, and she did! Goobeth couldn’t eat most food because she had no teeth but she sure tried! Goobert didn’t let anything hold her back from the things she wanted to do. Goo’s hobbies included, waps to the face, knocking over water glasses, purring harder than anyone else, meditating like she’s in the Himalayas, pouting, having sneeze attacks, playing hard, and peeing on the carpet.

It was quirky traits like those that made goo so special. Goo impacted many people with her charm, loving personality, and way she’d eat peanut butter off your fingers. She will sadly be missed by her mamas Alyson West and her other Mamas Makenna Frickey.

There will not be a funeral but donations in Goo’s honor can be made to the Humane Society of Bend, Oregon.

Rest in popcorn EngoobertHumperdinck

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