Cat: BoB (Maine Coon) – Greenwood, IN

Pet Cat: BoB (Maine Coon)

Cat: BoB (Maine Coon) – Greenwood, IN (Died Jan 4, 2018)

BoB was a free spirit and care free cat. She was found off the streets and taken out of the ghetto into a warm loving home. She was always chill to do anything. You could hold her upside down and she could care less that she was even up there. You could wear her as a scarf around the house and she would just take it and rest there.

BoB never liked catnip because she didn’t do drugs and the only thing she would play with where headphones and chargers. BoB was never a fancy cat. She only liked dry cat food. She never ate anything else but that. BoB was extremely special because she is polydactyle, with five fingers on each paw.

She doesn’t have any front claws, except her middle finger. BoB was a miracle on this earth and now is a miracle in heaven. Everyone who sees her up there is the luckiest people ever and soon I will be one too.

R.I.P Bobby and all her love

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