Dog: Buddy (Softwire Dachshund) – Corning, NY

Pet dog Buddy - Softwire Dachshund

Dog: Buddy (Softwire Dachshund) – Corning, NY (Oct 4, 2005 – Apr 7, 2017)

Buddy was the runt of his litter and wasn’t eating so the breeder was going to cull him. The pet store owner knew that I had retired and asked me if I would “home him” and try to get him eating. After about three months of force feeding him a special high protein paste, I was finally able to get him to eat regular dog food. I had three other dogs at the time but I just couldn’t give him up. I went to the pet store and wrote a check for him.

He has been my constant companion for 11 years, just content to sit by my side and always ready to give kisses. Buddy had gone blind last spring with SARDS but was navigating quite well on his own. He was always ready to go to the park for a walk, he loved riding in the car but not stopping. I had to put him down yesterday due to congestive heart failure. The strongest medicines couldn’t help him.

Rest in peace dear Buddy.

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