Cat: RiRi (Black/Brown Tabby Calico) – DeFuniak Springs, FL

Cat: RiRi - Black/Brown Tabby Calico

Cat: RiRi (Black/Brown Tabby Calico) – DeFuniak Springs, FL
(Apr 15, 2010 – Mar 29, 2017)

Grand Dutchess Anastazjah Marie “RiRi” Densmore-Haire,
I’ve known you since you were a little kitty and bound into my life. I knew that your first year was difficult, but you were always there for me. We’ve been through a lot.

You and I, with many different people in our lives, and many different places we called home. You always made the best of where ever we were though, and you made me smile at my darkest hours. You were always by my side RiRi, you traveled the high roads with me, as well as sticking by my side during the lowest valleys of my life.

You were always there for me RiRi, and you are my best friend. You were my most awesome furbaby child, and you will always live in my heart. Loved to play: soccer (cat version), peek-a-boo, hide and seek, chase her tail, eat her candy (cat treats). You will be missed, until the day that we will be reunited in heaven, and have great adventures together again !

I love you furever more, Ma, Daddy, Little Big Bubby.
Rest In Peace


  1. Hi! Looks like my sparky he has paradonal decease…I don’t know what I will do ifi loose him ! He was half feral…..his love is amazing

  2. Happy first birthday in heaven, she would been celebrating her 7th birth week today. Love always.

  3. She also loved to play with: bubbles, she played the hooky game with her daddy. If he walked by her without talking to her she would hook him on the back of the elbow. When Maxi barked RiRi would dash off to hide in our bedroom (people shy). When Little Big Bubby went out visiting she would sit in front of the door to wait for him to come home. She gave all us of lovings, mainly Ma (Emotional Support Pet). RiRi taught our 11 year old, male gib “Big Boy” and Maxi (10 year old female dog) how to open a door. The picture posted of her was taken in 2014 when I was taking a college course. She laid down (belly Up) on top of my book and notebooks to get me to take a break. She was holding (using her front paws) her back legs and tail close to her belly. When we went to bed at night, daddy would snore so loud, that RiRi tried to get him to stop snoring by covering his mouth with her front paws. When he exhaled, she would look at me roll her eyes then hissed at him. Then laid down with me covering her ears. The funny part is that she snored louder than daddy. She also liked to skid across the kitchen the floor redundantly. She actually had a birth week (April 9-15, 2010) her doctor could not give a specific date because she was a very petite kitten at about 6 weeks old she weighed 6 ounces. The vet gave her 36-48 hours to live needless to say she lived to 11 days shy of her 7th birthday week. We love you furever!

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