Cat: Max (Russian Blue) – Houston, TX

Max - Russian Blue cat

Cat: Max (Russian Blue) – Houston, TX (Dec 2003 – Dec 24, 2016)

The very difficult decision to euthanize Max had to be made today. ​ She was hit hard by pancreatitis and mast cell cancer in her spleen and the diseases took her quickly. ​ We lost her far too early in life.

I adopted Max from my friend Susan because Susan found out she was allergic to cats. ​ Max joined our family on March 7, 2004.

Max always would have preferred to be an only cat.

My nicknames for Max included Maxie Max the Maximum Cat. ​ I would tell her she was the most cat you could get for the minimum price.

After Rocko passed away in 2010, Max assumed the mantel of the Number 1 Cat in the house. ​ She was the queen of the clowder and she ruled with an iron paw. ​ Max holds the record for having the most minions in my household presiding over five other cats and a feral kitty in the garage. ​ She would sit on the kitchen chair under the table and mete out punishment and scolding on the minions.

Max could hold a grudge. ​ She never forgave Michelle for getting cats of her own. ​

Max had character and ‘catitude’. ​ She loved her cat dad and always wanted to sleep next to me where I could rub her head at night. ​ She would snuggle in the crook of my arm so my hand was strategically located in the proper head rubbing position.

I will miss playing the tail game with Max even though it annoyed her and I would end up getting swatted with a paw full of claws but she never stopped playing the game.

She was a fighter to the end and she fought the diseases that took her but we couldn’t beat the reality of mortality.

Max goes to join the other pets we have loved and lost. ​ She will be missed. ​ I hope she will find a place in heaven where she can be an only cat.

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