Dog: Casey (Black Labrador Retriever) – Germantown, MD

Pet dog Casey - Black Labrador Retriever
Dog: Casey (Black Labrador Retriever) – Germantown, MD
(Dec 24, 2000 – Nov 15, 2015)

Our beloved Casey will always be remembered as the love of our family lives. Casey will be solely missed by her immediate family, family friends, neighbors, and whoever she came in contact with especially other dogs, all of who were exposed to her curious, entertaining, friendly, lovable, and loyal demeanor.

Over the last 7-8 years of her life when the family kids were away at college and/or out living on their on, Casey and Mom and Dad were left at home together becoming the best of friends who depended on each others company while holding down the fort.

She will always be remembered in our hearts, memories, and prayers.

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  1. I’m so sorry for your loss. Casey will always be with all of you as long as you keep the memories alive. I feel your sorrow & pain. I to lost a family member back in February.

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