Cat: Gweedy (American Shorthair)

pet cat Gweedy - American Shorthair
Cat: Gweedy (American Shorthair)

Gweedy was a 1 yr old American Shorthair who belonged to my daughter, but left her behind, because she couldn’t have pets where she was going so I kept her loved her as I do all my pets.

She got along with the other 3 dogs I have, but was great with strangers coming in. She would hiss at them, but was a great mom to her kittens. When she had her 2 litters, her first litter she lost all 6 kittens that all came out looking just like her. They didn’t survive. She wasn’t taking care of them as some new moms do.

Gweedy had a 2nd litter with 6 kittens again, but this time she knew what to do. She lost one, we gave the other 3 kept for adoption and kept 2.

Well we had her fixed up so she can come, and go and not get knock-up (giggling). As always, she would leave the house come back home all the time to eat of course. Sometimes with mice. So I would have to tell her don’t come home with dinner in your mouth, come back when your done.

She went out on Nov. 17 as usual. I knew it was getting late so called out her name but nothing. Gave her some more time, and then I knew something was wrong she didn’t come home. I went to search for her but nothing. Came home, and said I’ll check again in the morning.

I had a bad feeling couldn’t sleep, as all mothers worry for there pets, and children. Well I asked my boyfriend who is a police officer to search for her when he does his rounds. He came home with bad news. Gweedy had gotten run over crossing the street.

So today is a very, very sad day for me. I called my daughter to give the sad news. I know I have 2 of her kittens, but it’s still not the same.

I’m so glad that I kept those picture, and have her favorite blanket. I will miss her each and everyday. Dear God please watch her she’s not too friendly with strangers, but she’s get use to you.

I will miss you Gweedy, love mom, Sandy, Charlie, Bear (her friends all 3 dogs), her kittens Blinky & Travesa aka:trouble

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