Cat: Nippley – Evansville, IN

Pet Cat: Nippley
Cat: Nippley (Died Sept 12, 2014)

I first met her when she was about 9 months old, at the Humane Society in Evansville, Indiana. She was homeless, pregnant, stand offish, did not seem to like anyone, and on her last day there….l got to adopt her on 9/25/1997.

It took her almost a year to warm up to me and my other two cats (both now deceased) . Since my Sam died last year she has been my constant companion. She has been there to “help” me eat, watch TV, clean, to sleep, do email, she took it upon herself to be my great protector, and would not even let me go to the bathroom without her, in case there was a stay bug about.

She has been ill with intestinal lymphoma, for awhile now, and nothing has worked to help her with it….it just kept melting my once beautiful 11 pound ball of love into a barely walking 5 pound hank of hair and bones.

There are no words to express the heart break, and helplessness l felt as her illness advanced. She was released from her suffering yesterday Sept 12, 2014. I am totally heart broke to not having by best buddy in the world to not be here this morning.

9/25/1997 – 9/12/2014

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