Cat: Bootsie – Martinsville, IN

Pet Cat: Bootsie
Cat: Bootsie – Martinsville, IN (2001 – Sept 15, 2014)

Bootsie left this world on Sept. 15, 2014, for a big garage in the sky. We hope for her sake that is what cat heaven is like, because that is where she loved to spend her days. She particularly liked the cooler months when her owner would build a fire in the wood burner and spend hours tinkering and hanging out with her. Bootsie was one of the few females allowed to hang out in the “Man Cave.”

Although it broke the family’s heart, Bootsie preferred the independence granted her as an outdoor/garage cat. She had a wild side to her, which made it seem extra special when she would approach you and allow you to pet her. Bootsie often liked to watch her family from a distance, but the content look on her face was understandable. Bootsie was pleased that she learned to love and trust her family.

After the death of their tabby cat, Musa, the family declared they would never own another cat. Then Bootsie entered their life quite suddenly. They knew from her limp and general distrust of people that this calico kitten’s short life had been a tough one. Through weeks of feeding her and not forcing the issue, her new humans taught her how to trust and enjoy life again.

Bootsie carried that slight limp with her the rest of her life like a badge of courage. It never slowed her down and never kept her out of trouble.

Bootsie led a long, happy life. Her daily activities included roaming and meandering, often next door to visit Ernie, a handsome Russian blue cat. She also enjoyed hunting, especially for chipmunks and birds much to the dismay of her family.

She was buried on the family’s property overlooking the woods she loved to explore. Bootsie will be remembered often and fondly, especially this winter. Her family never met a cat that disliked walking on snow as much as Bootsie. Her owner would always make time to snow blow her paths from the garage through the yard, so she wouldn’t have to walk on it.

God Love you my sweet kitty. I will miss you so dearly……

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