Cat: Noodle (Tabby) – Kansas City, MO

Pet Cat: Noodle (Tabbt)
Cat: Noodle (Tabby) – Kansas City, MO (May 2014 – Sep 2014)

When I bought my first home, I was so excited to get a kitten of my own. I had always had cats growing up and was a major cat lover. I met Noodle at a local animal shelter and was immediately drawn to her mild, calm, and laid back nature.

She was the smallest kitten in the shelter. Perfect. At home she was more interested in cuddling than playing (a characteristic that I initially found endearing, but in hindsight was indicative of a problem).

She always wanted to be around people and was the sweetest kitty I had ever met. After 4 weeks in my home, I began to notice a decrease in appetite and even lower energy levels than usual. The vet told me she had FIP (feline infectious peritonitis) and that it was almost undoubtedly fatal.

Within 24 hours I had to make the difficult decision to lay her to rest. While my time with Noodle was not nearly as long as I would have liked, I loved her with my whole heart and will never forget her.

I hope I made her short life a little sweeter. I mourn for any suffering she may have endured and will treasure my days with her.

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