Dog: Fluffy (German Spitz) – Ranchi, India

Pet Dog: Fluffy (German Spitz)
Dog: Fluffy (German Spitz) – Ranchi, India (Dec 10, 2006 – Aug 22, 2014)

Fluffy was the cutest, most obedient, most innocent, very very intelligent, over friendly, world’s best baby. She was our best friend.

Her cute antics made her the most lovable and adorable part of our family. She was not a dog, but an integral part of our lives. She would always follow us wherever we went, wagging her long swishy tail.

Her big beautiful eyes, her long sweet nose and that “Happy” face of hers would give us the uttermost joy.

We miss you and love u so much Fluffy.

Please come back to us. We are very lonely without you. You are the sweetest baby anyone could ever see.

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