Dog: Spike (English Bulldog) – Gibraltar, UK

Pet Dog: Spike (English Bulldog)
Dog: Spike (English Bulldog) – Gibraltar, UK (Jul 27, 2011 – Jun 30, 2014)

Spike was a rescue dog which I adopted from a shelter when he was 11 months old. He had been neglected, was 10 kilos underweight and had very bad skin issues. He also had cherry eyes which he was operated soon after I bought him home, the operation was a success.

Since the day I bought him home I knew I had made the right decision. Spike was the most adorable dog a family good have.

Sadly Spike died of sudden congenital heart failure which I didn’t know he had. Since his death I have been lost without him as he was my best friend, my companion, my all.

Rip Spike – love you!!

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