Dog: Kratos (German Shepherd / Rottweiler Mix) – Indianapolis, IN

Pet Dog: Kratos - German Shepherd / Rottweiler Mix
Dog: Kratos (German Shepherd / Rottweiler Mix) – Indianapolis, IN (Dec 17, 2012 – Feb 22, 2013)

My partner & I decided to get a dog. The problem was agreeing on what to get. I wanted a German Shepherd, he wanted a Rottweiler. Enter Kratos!

We found him from a rescue shelter that had saved him from abandonment at just 7 weeks old. When we brought him home, he was the sweetest, most loving puppy we had ever had. (He & I both grew up with dogs).

We brought Kratos home on a cold Saturday, and set to work on training him. By Wednesday, he was almost potty trained! He was happiest being held & if we couldn’t hold him he’d just follow us quietly.

His favorite place was my BF’s lap. His favorite toy, a mini tennis ball. But by that following Wednesday, he had stopped eating.

Thursday we took him to the vet who diagnosed him with Parvo. By that Saturday (even with intense treatment) he fell to the disease. My partner & I were devastated.

We already had so many plans! And Kratos was already wormed into our hearts.

I miss him soooo much!! I love you baby, rest in peace in doggy heaven.


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