Dog: TeaCake (YorkiePoo) – Biloxi, MS

Pet Dog: TeaCake - YorkiePoo
Dog: TeaCake (YorkiePoo) – Biloxi, MS (Nov 22, 2012 – Feb 18, 2013)

What can I say? He was gone too quickly. It was love at first sight for me. TeaCake resembled a puppy I had loved so much as a child who also was gone too soon.

TeaCake was constantly in my arms getting kisses and when he wasn’t, he would look back, with uncertainty to make sure that I was still near.

The night he took ill was the longest he had stayed out of my presence. We spent the entire night worrying at the hospital, but I really thought he would pull through.

By early morning he was gone. I have to believe in my heart that we loved him enough in his short time.

He will be in my heart forever.

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