Dog: Snowball – Clovis, NM

pet dog - Snowball
Dog: Snowball – Clovis, NM (Dec 1998 – Feb 19, 2013)

I went to the local pound one day with a friend with the intention of helping her pick out her next dog.

Little did I know a frightened little white dog in the corner of a wire cage would shoot me one sad, scared look and wrap her paws around me heart forever.

Snowball came home with me that day in December of 1998 and quickly became a part of our family.

We soon realized she was completely deaf and the vet told us she was probably born that way, so not to worry about it because she had never known any different.

She was my little shadow … followed me everywhere I went for over 14 years. On Feb 18, 2013 she left us at the age of 16.

She will forever be in our hearts.
Thanks, Kim

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