Dog: Roxy (American Cocker Spaniel) – London, Ontario

Pet Dog: Roxy - purebred American Cocker Spaniel
Dog: Roxy (American Cocker Spaniel) – London, Ontario (Died Mar 2010)

Loved by all, hurt by none. A personality that could only make you smile, he truly had a unique spirit. With us for 15 years he always greeted everyone with a turbocharged tail and a smile you would have to see to believe.

Roxy loved his Timbits and took it personally if you came back without any for him. Muffen papers were his favorite though he would wolf those down like nobody’s business.

To our beloved bone slayer it has been three years that you have moved on, and we have not and will not ever forget the joy, love, and fun that you brought into our lives.

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