Dog: Sooty – Malta … I Will Love You Forever

pet dog Sooty
In Memory of my sweet little baby – Sooty

He  passed away on 15/11/12 after living 15 loving years.

You left me with grieve but I thank you for the wonderful moments that we had passed together. I will miss you a lot and you will be still in my heart.

I don’t think that I will find an other like you. You were so sweet and loving, you did love much more than yourself. Everybody is going to miss, because you are so sweet,

You always were there when I was sick or sad sitting next to me, even if you didn’t talk. But with your eyes looking at me as if you were saying ‘mum I am here with you.’

When dad had passed away you too had missed him, and cried for him looking at me as if you want to tell me where he is. Than when you had realized that he had gone and he is not coming back, you will turn to me, put your face on my lap and with that look in your eyes, as if you are saying ‘mum I will take care of you now.’

Rest in peace my sweet baby I will never forget you
I  Will Love You Forever

Your Mum

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