Cat: Morris M. Morris

Cat: Morris M. Morris
Cat: Morris M. Morris (Died Jul 12, 2012)

My loving pet cat Morris M. Morris passed away July 12th at 11:28 pm. He was 13. I’m still not certain what took my beloved cat from me.

He will be missed so very much. He was smart and beautiful. He said “mama”! He loved opening the cupboard where I kept his food.

He loved knocking his dad’s hat off when evening rolled around and we’d be watching TV.

He woke me up every morning at 5:00 like clockwork. I loved my mornings with him. I miss him.  I still jump up at 5:00 am only to realize I don’t have to.

I cleaned the area on the floor where he died 100 times when I mop and I cry. Morris was precious.

He never got in any trouble. He was in my life for 13 years.

How do you go on when a part of you dies?  ♥♥♥♥

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