Dog: Bill Bunter (Boxer Red Brindle) – Lincoln, UK

Dog: Bill Bunter - Boxer red brindle
Dog: Bill Bunter (Boxer Red Brindle) – Lincoln, UK (Sep 9, 1999 – Feb 20, 2012)

We have just had our lovely boxer, Billy Bunter put to sleep today he came to live with us over 10 years ago when he was 2 years old and was my first dog

He was a big dog and given his name due to him being a very greedy pup! He had suffered for 5 years with arthritis and started having fits a year ago.

We watched him slowly get worse over the past year and sadly had to make the decision today to have him put to sleep as he no longer had much quality of life.

He will always be remembered – and now with his best friend Tevor the boxer. who died 2 years ago   We will all miss you, especially your newest little friend Summer – night night Billy Bunter !


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