Cat: Calleach – Gailes, Brisbane, Australia

Cat: Calleach - Gailes, Brisbane, Australia
Cat: Calleach – Gailes, Brisbane, Australia (Died Jan 25, 2012)

It’s been only a day since the passing of my beloved companion Calleach (pronounced Carly), named after the Celtic Goddess. She was a gift from a friend when only 6 weeks old and finally died aged 18 years and so time has come to say a reluctant farewell to a much loved companion.

She is sorely missed and survived by 2 daughters still in my company. She was definitely strong willed and took no guff from anyone. Not even the dog that robbed her of one of her eyes years ago. She was also a very loyal companion and totally trusting in me and those I was trusting in.

I miss all her little quirks and such. She loved to sleep with me on the bed many a night but lately had a spot in the yard she loved. She’s now buried at that spot in the back yard where I can commune with her daily. She would copy a certain gesture I used on her to wake me in the mornings.

I used to touch my fingers to my lips9ps and then hers. She’d do the same with me showing she understood it as a gesture of love. She’d also find her way onto my lap barely 30 seconds after I sat down often resulting in scratches if I either was getting up again or she misjudged her landing. God I miss that. She’d also often end up on my shoulder gingerly pawing at any food I was eating. Though she never took unless it was offered and I would normally offer. She wasn’t treated as a cat, rather as a daughter and an equal which is how I thought of her.

Never once was she treated harshly though she occasionally voiced her disapproval if I didn’t get up when she was trying to wake me, if I was getting up when she wanted to be on my lap, etc. And I’d generally give in to her.

She would often greet me a half block away from home when I came back from work., get her her pat and cuddle and eagerly walk beside me until we got home around 11:30pm. She’d also rather a cuddle than food when it came to the nitty gritty. I could put food down and offer a cuddle. She’d take the cuddle every time.

She was a great mum as well. Definitely had the motherly instinct and would never miss a moment with her kids. 2 of which are still with me.

All in all. Calleach, you are missed dearly. I couldn’t have asked for a better companion and you will always be in my heart. Farewell dearest Calleach. Thank you for the gift that was you. Thank you for the love we got to share. Thank you for letting me be a part of your life. Thank you for just being you.

Thank you for the joy you brought into my life. Thank you for everything. I miss you so much. Thank you for letting me be there during your last hours. I may not know your exact birth date but I know you passed on on the 25th January 2012 at 2:20 am with me there holding you

Farewell Calleach my dearest. May you rest in peace. You’re always in my heart and thoughts.

Your loving companion

James, aka Daddy

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