Dog: Ellie (Dalmatian) – Canandaigua, NY

Pet Dog: Ellie (Dalmatian)
Dog: Ellie (Dalmatian) – Canandaigua, NY (Sep 15, 1996 – Dec 29, 2011)

It’s been about 24 hours since our beloved dog has moved on. The house is very quite despite our six and eight year daughters.

The time has come for us to say good-bye to a family member who we lived and shared our life with for over fifteen years. Ellie was three and a half months old when we got her from Dalmatian Rescue in Rochester, New York.

She was with six or seven of her brothers and sisters. I whistled, and she came right over. I knew she was the one. Looking back, I guess she picked us. Over the years, Ellie has been a great dog who loved everyone she came in contact with.

She loved to go for rides in the car, walks, hikes, swimming at the lake. She just wanted to be with us at all times and for the most part she was. When I would cut the grass on the riding lawn mower, she would follow behind me. Her white paws would be stained green from the grass

By the time she was seven years old, she needed work on her knee. The following year, the other knee needed work just as the vet said it would. Both knees required rehab from us. She got through that but her endurance was not as it used to be and that was ok. She still was able to do the same things, just not as much.

As the years passed, she started to show her age. She still wanted nothing else but to be with us just as always. I told her to let me know when she was ready to move on and after Christmas 2011 she did. I could see it in her eyes. On December 29th 2011 fifteen years to the day we picked her up as a three and a half month old puppy, we said good-bye.

Ellie we miss you so much already. I know that with each passing day it will get easier. We will never forget you and thank you for being such a great dog. One day we will meet up with you again.

We will always love you Ellie,

Mommy, Daddy, Olivia & Ava

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