Dog: Precious (English Bulldog) Spring, TX

Dog: Precious - English Bulldog
Dog: Precious (English Bulldog) Spring, TX (02/22/2010 – 04/23/2011)

“Precious” (top of photo) was my baby, my companion, my friend.  From the very first moment that I laid my eyes on Precious I fell in love with her and spoiled her in every way possible, from buying her a doggy birthday cake to even buying her another English Bulldog “Twinkie” (bottom of photo) for her to play while I was away at work or running errands.

I have never seen anyone enjoy life the way Precious enjoyed it. I remember rocking her to sleep when she was a puppy and all the times she made me laugh.  Precious even died doing what she loved, walking.

To our surprise, Precious died of a congenital heart failure which we were not aware she had. That’s what makes her departure so difficult.

Everybody that came in contact with Precious fell in love with her, and she loved everyone.  Twinkie and the entire family miss her so much and my heart aches to see her and feel her again.

I believe that the Rainbow Bridge exists and she is playing until the day we are able to ”finally meet, cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon my face; my hands again caress Precious head, and I look once more into her trusting eyes, so long gone from my life but never absent from my heart.  Then we cross Rainbow Bridge together….”

Precious lived her life to the fullest and gave us so many happy moments and even though my heart aches, I would do it all over again even knowing she would not live a long life.

Miss you my baby Precious.


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