Dog: Tracy – Weston, FL

Dog - Tracy
Dog: Tracy – Weston, FL (03/17/1996 – 05/29/2010)

When we first got our dog Tracy, we tried to put her in the car. Sometime during the process, she escaped and ran down the block. So my dad chased her. Years later, we got three puppies and I became centered around them. I regret that deeply.

But one horrible night, May 29, 2010 to be exact, we were going bowling. And of course, the dogs had to be walked before we could leave. When we got the leashes on the puppies, we couldn’t find her to put her leash on her.

We began to get uneasy when we couldn’t find her. We frantically searched for her and came back empty handed.

I then looked in the bathroom in my parents’ bedroom, then under their bed. I opened the curtains to their sliding door and watched in horror as my dad pulled her lifeless body from the backyard pool.

There was 5 seconds of silence in our house, then there was 7 hours of screaming and crying. She was dead.

The vet said that she suffered a heart attack and fell in, so there was a chance that she died before she fell in, and didn’t drown.

She was cremated and her urn is on it’s way to our house. She was a great dog and had a great life.

She will be missed forever and never forgotten. Before she passed away, she had been suffering from arthritis.

Now she is in a better place and is suffering no more.

Tracy, we all love you and miss you.

Thank you so much for giving us the best 14 years of our lives. Goodbye my baby girl.

Until we meet again … my friend.

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