Dog: Tracy – Weston, FL

July 11, 2010 Pet Lover 0

Dog: Tracy – Weston, FL (03/17/1996 – 05/29/2010) When we first got our dog Tracy, we tried to put her in the car. Sometime during the process, she escaped and ran down the block. So my dad chased her. Years later, we got three puppies and I became centered around [more ….]

Dog: Ozzie – Silky Terrier (Ontario, Canada)

July 8, 2010 Pet Lover 0

Dog: Ozzie – Ontario, Canada (09/28/2000 – 02/13/2010) When the breeder showed us Ozzie (Silky Terrier dog) and asked if we were interested in adopting him, we should have seen the signs. He took great pride and joy in bring shoes into the kitchen from the front entry during our [more ….]

Cat: Isabella – Amsterdam, OH

July 2, 2010 Pet Lover 0

Cat: Isabella (Domestic Shorthair) – Amsterdam, OH (07/04/2000 – 07/01/2010) My cat Isabella (Izzy) was the greatest friend anyone could ask for. I’ll never forget the first day I got her when she hissed at herself when she saw her reflection. She was also my Ramen noodle buddy. I will [more ….]

Dog: Merlin – Calgary, Alberta Canada

July 2, 2010 Pet Lover 0

Dog: Merlin (Bassett /Cocker Spaniel) – Calgary, Alberta, Canada (07/1992 – 06/27/2010) Sometime in 1992 (possibly 1993 since it is hard to remember so far back) a funny looking puppy was born into the world. Merlin (Bassett /Cocker Spaniel mix) came from a litter of 13 puppies and he was [more ….]